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We believe that your focus as a business leader should be on growing your company, ICS can help you focus on your company’s core strengths and allow your technology to enable and not limit your future.

  • Aundra Walthall

    Chief Executive Officer

    Aundra, the Chief Executive Officer brings more than 25 years of Infrastructure Technology experience to ICS. A Proud US Army veteran, prior to founding ICS he held IT leadership roles at Manhattan Associates (MANH), Siemens Energy and Automation, MCI, Attachmate, and Ingenico.

Our core values

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Success Stories

Top 30 US Transportation Company
"Converted 1k people over to 100% work from home within just 4 weeks."
Top 10 US Food Broker
"Got them back up and running after a Ransomware attack that crippled their entire business – ICS implemented their Disaster Recovery plan and had over 200 servers back on-line within 1 hour."
Regional Elder Care Facilities
"Full HIPAA Cloud based solution implemented."